The CoCreate platform provides a collection of useful tools for changemakers, enabling or accelerating cocreative and decentral projects for a better future in collaborative teams.

Great Open-Source solutions from likeminded groups.

No-one can change the world alone. But we are many, working in the same direction towards an open and fair, sustainable and regardful society.
Within our own interdisciplinar and decentral projects, we have experienced the need for an easy to handle bundle of open-source tools, enabling the online cocreation of cooperative projects. For us Makers-For-Humanity, all selected and tested tools work fine. Now, we want to open and share this cocreation platform with other groups and projects.

The social network

The M4H-Network is our main platform for glocal change and consists of a community stream for individual groups, combined with a toolset of simple cowork functions. This social makers network perfectly suits new activist groups or cocreative projects, that work decentral (or can´t meet in person due to the Covid pandemia). Give it a try and register for your project space.

Further development and tools

All work on the CoCreate-platform is done voluntary. So we´re not as fast as we´ld love to be. But we join our efforts within a highly motivated and trustful team. If you want to help make it real or have requests or suggestions, please get in contact via mail to
So far, you´ll find our ongoing discussions on various topics in the M4H-discuss-panel (mostly in German). Once a year, the Makers For Humanity get together for a 4-days gathering in early June to meet up personally and share and celebrate the achievements of the past period and start new cooperations and actions.

Other services

  • For data storage and open documents, we use Nextcloud (you can register and immediately get free storage and other tools and services)
  • Within the German changemaker scene, you´ll also find the Makers for Humanity on the great Wechange-Platform.
  • We cooperate with the „Karte von morgen„, as we see it as the best Mapping solution. Here you can see the location and interest of the participating Makers For Humanity and thousands of other change-makers.
  • We still use Telegram, but will replace the messenger as soon as possible with a Rocket-Chat. Here, you can already test Fairchat.
  • Here you´ll find further useful tipps for Online-CoCreation (in German)

When will it be fully functional?

Uhm, we knew, you would ask this…
Although all solutions already work individually, we know, that it´s not yet clearly arranged or functional for new users. We plan to start the CoCreate platform (beta) in April 2022 and release the final version in June. So please, stay tuned and come back once in a while – or pre-register for the hybrid release-event and get your invitation for this years Makers-For-Humanity Lab, Berlin in early June 2022.