Open-Islands are modular floating islands for different purposes, mostly made of upcycled materials, open-source.
This ongoing float project started as an art installation for the world-fair EXPO2000 in Hanover/Germany and over time developed into an international series of cultural, educational, humanitarian and/or entrepreneurial float projects on different water-bodies, from different interdisciplinary teams.

future-island installation
„future-islands“ 2009, floating gardens by Joy Lohmann/GER

Just give nature water, soil & sun and you´ll see a paradise garden growing in no time.

Joy Lohmann, project initiator

„The demand for floating islands rises in line with the sea levels.“

In the coming age of climate change, floating platforms and islands will be one practical solution for people and regions in need at the coastlines and riverbanks, to adopt the changing conditions and raise their resilience. (We already see floating houses and farms, energy platforms and biospheres around the world and it´s just beginning…)
But the waters are not only a mayor threat for humanity. At the same time, rivers and lakes, flood zones and the oceans contain huge potentials for sustainable development and ecologic and even climatic restoration.

This is the area of interest and activity of Open-Island and the Float-Collective

  • a multifunctional system of float constructions for inland waters, open-source
  • appropriate concepts for a variety of specific island purposes, low-tech
  • a community of likeminded makers and projects to spread and improve the system, bottom-up.
Flow-Garden, 2019 – winner of the „Social Art Award 2021“

The modular island construction principle also represents our decentral, interdisciplinary float-collective of likeminded makers worldwide.

„Makers For Humanity“

The Open-Island project range:


Our floating headquarter is the catamaran „ZuKunst“ in the town center of Hanover/GER.

„ZuKunst“, floating future lab for the City of Hanover 2021

The floating future lab serves for climate education and cultural events. It also is our office and coworking space.
> ZuKunst website


We cocreate floating islands at festivals and art-fairs and speak/perform at conferences.

Art performance „documenta fifteen“, Kassel/GER 2022

Our floating islands can be temporary cultural happenings or permanent installations for education, art, ecology, social innovation or fun.
> Open-Island action website


With partners on location, we build Open-Islands and other floats world-wide.

Floating pyramid
Floating Pyramid, school campaign at „COP27“, Egypt

These floating prototypes lead to appropriate solutions, which we collect and spread online within an open float-collective.
> Float Generator


Get in contact to join, partner or interact
with Open-Island or the Float-Collective on any level:
Mail: Open-Island headquarter
or visit us aboard in Hanover-Linden, Germany:
„ZuKunst“-Anleger auf der Ihme/Heizkraftwerk
c/o Makers4Humanity, Limmerstr. 57, 30451 Hannover

Former floats & projects include: